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Tulsa Barbecue School is Oklahoma's premiere private barbecue learning experience. Aimed at the aspiring backyard pitmaster, we bring in the best barbecue cooks in Oklahoma to teach the art of outdoor grilling and smoking. Courses are hands-on and range from traditional barbecue to various regional styles and are adapted to the level of experience of the attendees.

how it works

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Available only in the Tulsa area, one-on-one workshops are conducted at your home, on your grill, with proteins you provide and enjoy, so they're comfortable and extremely tailored to you.

These one-on-one classes are $300 for 4 hours. Group rates are available if you'd like to have friends present. Contact for more details and availability.

private events

Looking for something unique? Gather several of your closest friends and family for an afternoon or evening of outdoor cooking at your location. With a custom-tailored menu, a hands-on preparation and cooking workshop, food and drink pairings and more, we'll help you create an event to remember. Email us at to chat!

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